Prospective roles for Canadian oncology nurses in breast cancer rapid diagnostic clinics

M. Zanchetta, C. Maheu, L. Baku, P. J.S. Wedderburn, M. Lemonde


The introduction of rapid diagnostic clinics for breast cancer increases oncology nurses’ (ONs) responsibility for patient education and coordination of multidisciplinary care. Developed as an outcome of the E-Mentorship Oncology Nursing Program, this paper proposes new roles for these nurses to respond effectively and competently to such diagnostic innovation.

The Oslo Manual Conceptual Framework of Innovation inspired the idea of change in prospective ONs’ roles, corroborated by the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology’s Standards of Practice and Competencies. New roles for ONs that are informed by the domain of information dynamics and evidence-based care are proposed.

The adoption of this diagnostic innovation provides a base for the widespread incorporation of the aforementioned standards and redesigned innovative in ONs care.

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