RESEARCH REFLECTIONS: Making sense of the quality of evidence

Krista L. Wilkins


In the last CONJ issue, the Research Reflections column focused on finding research to answer patient’s questions (Stacey et al., 2015). When you have found some research studies that might inform your practice, the next step is to look critically at those studies to discern the best available evidence so your practice is informed by the best of the best available information. The best evidence to integrate into decision-making for evidence-informed nursing practice includes research evidence, clinical expertise, and patients’ choices and concerns (Wilkins, 2013).

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Stacey, D., Domecq, M., Crawley, F., & Doucet, J. (2015). Research reflections: Finding research to answer patients’ questions. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal, 25(3), 266-267. Retrieved from

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